Journey of CM Group

Our journey started way back in 1960 when Late Sh. Chunni Lal Mahajan started departmental store with a vision to offer the best to customers. After a few years, the business expanded and 1984 marked the beginning of FMCG distribution business in Chandigarh. There was no looking back after that and we continued with our mission of expansion and exploring new arenas of business. 

In 2004, we ventured with Yamaha India for Chandigarh and Mohali region and that marked our entry in the automobile business. We further moved a step ahead and our partnership with Maruti Suzuki began in 2005 and became the pioneer of spare parts distributer for Chandigarh and Mohali region. Soon after that Dabur India was included in the FMCG distribution business. Year 2006 marked another milestone in the partnership business with Maruti when we started car dealership for Ropar and Mohali district. 

In 2008, we stepped in the IT business with collaboration with Parv, USA. Our company looked forward to further automobile operations and started Ashok Leyland Dealership in 2010. Year 2013 brought a big leap in our FMCG business and we started super distribution for Proctar and Gamble in Punjab. In next 2 years distribution line was expanded further by associating with Brands like Cardbury and Daniel Klein. This was the time when we integrated vertically to add lifestyle brands in the line of distribution.
2015 grew our relationship with Maruti Suzuki a step ahead. We were among the first 100 dealers to launch NEXA to our customers.
With a long journey of business associations and exploring new horizons, our organization aims at creating value for the people we work.

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